Kids For Sale

I often find  the most stressful part of goat raising is deciding which goats to sell. This is especially true of kids. They are all so cute and full of potential. I might be selling the best goat that I ever produced! But I can't keep them all. I do believe that my kids are high quality animals and that I can help you find goats that match your goals--show, pets, small fiber flock additions, or to add genetic diversity to your existing herd. Since goats are social animals and adjust better to new surroundings with a buddy, I usually sell animals in at least pairs. There is an interesting study that was done in England that found that goats develop their own herd  "accents" that help them to identify animals from their same herd. (Study Link)

If you are just interested in great fiber or want to  try-out goats, wethers might be the best choice for you. It is not as complicated to have wethers as you don't need to worry about breeding. There are different "techniques" for wethering bucks and breeders have their own reasons for how and when they do it. My policy is to wait until the buck is 5-6 months old. Castrating a buckling too early removes the testosterone that is needed for the urethra to fully develop. A small urethra can contribute to a male goat

developing urinary calculi (kidney stones)--a painful condition that often ends with the buck being euthanized. I have the testicles surgically removed by a vet who can administer a mild anesthesia and help with pain management. I feel that this is a more humane way to castrate but it is more expensive. Therefore, I charge  more for my wethers than some other breeders.  

Wethers- ($225 if already castrated, $175 new owner has it done. I do not recommend castrating before 5-6 months.)

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