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About Us

Under the watchful eyes of my Karakachan guardian dogs, my Angora goats graze in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. For almost thirty years, I have selectively bred for healthy, parasite-resistant animals with fine fleeces and sturdy bodies. My animals consistently produce soft, lustrous fiber. 

I was given three bottle babies many years ago for my children to raise and fell in love with the Angora's personalities. They are very different in temperament than other goats--sweet but a little aloof. Their size also makes them easy to manage (although bucks can get pretty big). I had only registered white goats for many years but then I became fascinated with the the range of colors and patterns that I was seeing in the growing numbers of colored goats. The majority of my herd is made up of colored and color carrying Angoras now, but I do have some exceptionally nice registered whites that I breed back to. I am on a quest to produce the best colored fleeces that have the lock structure and character of that found in the white goats.  

For many years, I made yarn and roving from my own mohair and hand-dyed it myself. We participated in many fiber shows each year selling our fiber under the name Kid Hollow Farm. However, after my husband died several years ago, I have focused on animal raising and marketing my fleeces and no longer make yarns. Each year, I still travel to the goat shows and breed displays that are listed at the bottom of my home page. 


I advise people interested in getting into goats to visit as many farms as possible to see how various farms manage their animals. You want to make sure that you are getting healthy, well-cared for animals. You also will get ideas for shelters, fencing, and general care that you might want to incorporate into your operation.

I welcome and encourage farm visits. Contact me and we can set something set up. 

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