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Goat Management Tips

Although I have raised goats for many years, I do not pretend to know all there is to know about these animals. I still encounter many situations where I am baffled about what to do. I have cultivated a good working relationship with my vets and consult with them often to continue to learn from this partnership. I am not a vet and am offering management tips here that have worked for me. They are not the the only way to do things-only what I have found works for my part of the country under my management system.

Hoof Trimming

Goats need their hooves trimmed regularly. You will need a lot of practice and a really good pair of hoof trimmers. I have used many different kinds but the ones that have lasted the longest are the ARS 140DRX trimmers. I have been using the same pair for the last four years and have not had to sharpen them at all. There are lots of hoof trimming videos online to help you with technique. 

Coccidia Treatment

Coccidiosis is caused by microscopic protozoan parasite called coccidian. It can kill kids before you see any symptoms and if you do see coccidia-related diarrhea, the kid's intestinal cells might already be damaged and his ability to absorb nutrients compromised for the rest of his life. Here is a link to the Maryland Small Ruminant Page with information about Coccidia ( Not mentioned in the article is a product that I have had great success with in the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis called Baycox (Toltrazuril). It is given orally at 1cc per five lbs of body weight. It is available from   


(Link to Baycox research).

Parasite Control

When I first started with goats, a friend told me about the importance of dosing with dewormers correctly--too much and you are wasting your money, too little and besides wasting your money you aren't killing the parasites. Here is a link to a chart with correct dosing of dewormers for goats which is generally different than for sheep and cattle. Please pay attention to the notes at the bottom of the chart especially when mixing Prohibit. DO NOT FOLLOW THE MIXING DIRECTIONS ON THE PACKAGE. Chart link

Kidding Chart

Here is a link to a goat gestation chart that I use to help cut down on the surprises. Chart Link

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