Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs

When I began with my "gift" of three bottle babies one spring, had the land but no proper fencing or shelter for them and learned very quickly that I had done things backwards. I always recommend to prospective goat owners to have their facilities in place before getting the animals. Good fencing is extremely important for keeping the animals where you want them and to keep predators out. I also learned the hard way after I had had my goats for a couple of years, that I also needed more than good fencing. I will never forget finding some of my goats dead and dying after neighbor's dogs had gotten in with them. It was then that I began my partnership with livestock guardian dogs to keep my animals safe.  


Over the years, I have had several breeds of guardian dogs and they have worked well. Then I got my first Karakachan (it took me forever to learn how to spell it) from Dr. Phil Sponenberg who brought the first of this breed to the US from Bulgaria. I have found these dogs to be smart, dedicated to their job, and with wonderful temperaments. Here are some pictures of my wonderful dogs.

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