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About Us

Under the watchful guard of Miracle, Guido, Emma, and Connie, our Angora goats graze in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the years, we have selectively bred for healthy, parasite-resistent animals with fine fleeces and sturdy bodies. Our animals consistently produce soft, lustrous fiber that is used in our own line of hand-dyed yarns and rovings. With a herd size of over one hundred animals, we produce hundreds of pounds of mohair a year.We welcome visitors. Just email or call ahead and meet the "kids" of Kid Hollow Farm.


(Email us for directions to Kid Hollow Farm)

Besides the goats and guardian dogs, if you come by you can also meet our Border collies, Annie, Ellie, and Ben and our friendly alpacas.

" Goat to Coat"

It all starts with beautiful fiber from healthy animals. Here is a close-up of the type of fleece on one of our herd sires and on one of his offspring.

Next, our animals are hand-shorn in February and August by Kevin Ford (author of Shearing Days). Kevin spends several days at the farm shearing with hand blades using techniques he learned while training in Ireland. Goats take more time to shear than sheep because they have fiber on their legs and faces and many skin folds to navigate through. As the mohair is removed, it is sorted and the best is put into paper bags to be used later.

Some of it is sold as raw fleece. Some is dyed and blended with the finest Border Leiscester to make luxurious rovings for hand spinners.The rest is used in a variety of hand-dyed yarns.

Then we are ready for the show season. In addition to Internet, mail, and farm sales, we are vendors at Maryland Sheep and Wool, VAGMA, Fall Fiber Festival, New York Sheep and Wool Festival, SAFF, and in the Charlottesville area, at the Downtown Christmas Farmer's Market on Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.